M.A.T.T.I.E. is an acronym for Mattamuskeet Artisans - Teaching, Training, Instructing, and Educating and is a tribute not only to a population whose heritage and talent is rich in art and artisan crafts, but also to our world renowned Mattamuskeet Lake. It is a cultural center where you can get closer to art and heritage.  Our desire is to preserve the past, depict the present and pose questions about tomorrow.

Our home base, in the village of Swan Quarter, county seat since 1836, is right on the Pamlico Sound and is still recovering economically from the devastation of the 2003 Hurricane Isabel.  Fortunately, today the village is protected by an extensive dike system completed after Isabel.

To understand what MATTIE Arts is really about, one must realize the geographic makeup of mainland Hyde County.  We operate in the second largest county of NC and the least densely populated one (Pop. 5,721). There are no incorporated towns- only isolated villages 25 - 60 miles apart.  There are no stop lights and no fast food restaurants.  Industry is based on fishing and vast expanses of farmland under cultivation.  A tier-1 county, the majority of Hyde's residents are at or below the poverty level.  For many this means forsaking God-given creative talents for mere survival through labor.

The intent of our mission has evolved into a passion to play a positive role in alleviating this situation and to seek out those with artistic talents or desires and help them emerge ... to provide them with the tools they need through marketing education, exposure of their art work, and teaching opportunities in order to create a venue of artistic growth through collaboration and creative communication with one another.  Our vision is to see these talents emerge to support full time artists and instructors.

At MATTIE, we recognize that the real product we sell may be different from the art instruction given or the revenues realized from the artwork sold.  The real product is hope.  We grow life in the community by creating an opportunity for people to reach beyond the routine of day-by-day existence; an opportunity to discover and express their creative gifts, and, in so doing, deepen a sense of purpose in their lives.  We are already saving and changing lives ... even our own.

Currently MATTIE Arts Center consists of 3 major physical components-  a Multi Purpose Teaching Studio, a Clean Lab, and a Sales Gallery: 

Classes are held on a seasonal basis.

Classes are held on a seasonal basis.

multi purpose teaching studio

Our art teaching studios offer an avenue of additional exposure and income for emerging instructors, as well as educational opportunities for local and area inhabitants.  A variety of art media instruction - from fine arts to crafts - are taught here.



Clean Lab

Also known as The MATTIE Down Draft Studio, this is a dedicated work space for the instruction of crafts that create airborne fine particulate and/or fumes.  Media offerings here include glass etching, decoy and wildlife carving, hand crafted wood jewelry, gourd art, wood burning, stained glass and any other crafts that create airborne fine particulate and/or fumes that could over time, endanger respiratory health without treatment.




Sales Gallery

Our Sales Gallery provides a venue for showcasing the works of our exceptionally talented local artists which translates into additional income for them through art sales.  It is open Monday, Wednesday through Saturday, 9:00-3:00

This is where the support begins

The sale of an item by an artist means more than the money, it is a sense of affirmation.